As a young man growing up near Savannah, Georgia, Jimmy Maddox’s influences were like those of many southern musicians: country, R&B, gospel, jazz and rock & roll. But while other young people were listening to The Beatles and Rolling Stones, Jimmy found himself captivated by Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and especially Ray Charles. “The first time I heard a Ray Charles recording I was stunned. In some ways I’m still stunned,” Jimmy admits. Armed with these influences the young Georgian performed in numerous bands and continued his musical education.

  Teaming with lyricist Bobby Hanson, Jimmy co-founded the Savannah based JoJa Band. “We were the thinking man’s southern rock band,” Jimmy recalls. Mixing lush ballads and jazz rhythms with lowdown blues and country harmonies, this effort culminated in two critically acclaimed albums.

Then came a sudden move to Richmond, Virginia. “I think every artist should relocate at least once. It forces you to get off your laurels and grow.” It was in Richmond that Jimmy began his one man, boogie woogie crusade. “I was working a lot in various blues bands but I really missed just sitting at the piano and playing my first love: boogie woogie! I started doing it just that as a sideline in between tours. Pretty soon that was about all I wanted to do. You know, it still is.”

After recording two solo boogie woogie albums, Jimmy made another move. This time to Music City: Nashville, Tennessee. “I won’t even pretend that boogie woogie is all I’ve ever done. I’ve had to make a living and I’m very fortunate to able to make a living at something I love. That’s why I moved to Nashville. To find work. But I am glad the boogie woogie followed me here.”

It was in Nashville that Jimmy recorded “Boogie Woogie Gospel.” It’s that old-time religion, eight-to-the bar! Southern gospel hymns played in the tradition that got Jerry Lee Lewis kicked out of Bible college. Saturday night meets Sunday morning. “Boogie Woogie Gospel” was an immediate success, spending 12 weeks at the top of’s independent sales chart. “I am blessed to be raised in a family where these songs were sung. I heard these hymns at such an early age that I can’t remember not knowing these songs. I only pray that I do them justice”

            Following the success of the initial release” Boogie Woogie Gospel II” captures the joy and passion of its predecessor while “Boogie Woogie Christmas Card” lets the Christmas classics rock. There seems to be no end to this wellspring of great songs set in this wonderful tradition.

            Through all of this Jimmy has found time to tour with some of the greatest entertainers on the planet. Performing in Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and every state in the lower 48, Jimmy has graced the stage with Radney Foster, Billy Joe Royal, Eric Burdon, Charlie Major, Tracy Nelson, Mandy Barnett, Joel Sonnier and countless others. Visitors to Music City will also remember Jimmy from his excellent dueling piano work on the world famous General Jackson Showboat; literally rolling on the river.

             But that’s not all. Jimmy has composed and recorded the soundtrack to three award winning silent films. Yes, they still make them. Rex Curry Harsin’s “Purdie Series” is a wonderful blend of the visual arts and Jimmy’s personalized style of boogie woogie, ragtime, stride and whatever else comes along.

            Currently Jimmy is working for the Holland America Line playing the boogie woogie and living a sailor’s dream. All over the world audiences revel in his joy and exuberance. “You know, the music business is a lot like baseball with its stats and predictions and I suppose somebody has to keep score. But sometimes just the sheer joy of playing is enough.” Let’s play ball!

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